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To enable more SME ventures to fully utilize the technology and apply in their brand building strategies

Augmented Reality Asia Sdn Bhd was established in 2016, with a team strongly experienced in the AR technology development. They started involved in this industry since 2012 and expanding into the international market in recent year.

Customer will be able to clearly visualize the branding strategies through interactive experience with the product. Most well-developed countries have been applying AR technology in various industries such as interior design, media & advertising, medical, education, and etc.

We are now introducing this technology in Malaysia through Augmented Reality Asia Sdn Bhd, and we are sure this is definitely great news for all SME ventures. Let us break through the traditional way and march into the new technology era.

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AR technology can create better visuals of the product placement. For example by placing the product at desired place and visualize the suitability. This concept can be applied in home decor and interior design planning.


By applying AR technology on the product sell sheets, the product can be visualized in real, customers will be able to understand better about the product specification and develop interest which in turn generate profitable sales.


With the help of AR technology the brand ambassador can appear right in front of your eyes and have direct interaction with the customer. This is a high-end technology which is capable of creating high level of attractions to the event.


Augmented Reality is changing today’s education life. What started out as something that was simply “cool” has become a way to engage learners like never before. The beauty of Augmented Reality is that the learning experiences can be as easy as you want and what’s even more enticing is that students can easily create these awesome experiences on their own in just a matter of minutes!

Official Website: www.artechasia.com

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